Can you control your online social exposure?

Managing your Brand was 10 years ago rather – compared to these days – easy. It was the marketing manager who was in control. He or she defined the campaigns, according to the brand guidelines, targeted the audience, created the content and pushed the message. Radio, television, news paper, magazines and a bit online. Today … Continue reading

The importance of getting your brand right – in your company

Many marketers focus on how to manage the company brand inside out. So, how to create a coherent consistent branded message throughout all channels and media items. We’ve seen major mergers, acquisitions and splits in the recent years, each and one having it’s big impact on rebranding. For example Sony Ericsson turned into Sony, Google … Continue reading

5 steps to be more effective in marketing

Marketers face inclining budgets with times of economic downturn, as marketing budgets are mostly directly related to (expected) turnover. Combined with the ever growing impact of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, internet, targeted marketing, narrow casting to name a few, marketers face the ultimate challenge: how can I manage all these channels, trends and activities in my … Continue reading

Managing your Brand in the cloud

Marketing Resource Management is getting more attention every year. The definition of MRM is somewhat controversial, since each and every solution provider creates its own. In short MRM is the set of tools and processes that enable organizations to fully support all marketing and communication activities by means of a software platform. Leading MRM providers … Continue reading