The real value of Facebook

A few weeks ago I thought about using my financial background for writing an article about the IPOcalypse created and started by Facebook (FB). Wondering why institutions would be so crazy to pay so much for so little track record. Fearing that some of those institutions were investing money others have been paying year over … Continue reading

CIO’s aren’t ready for cloud computing….yet

Everyone is talking about cloud computing, cloud storage, in short “the cloud”. But what is going on? What is the cloud trend? How will organizations benefit from ‘it’? Cloud computing is defined by wikipedia as folows: is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, whereby shared resources, software, and information are … Continue reading

CIOnet Study reveals: Business IT Alignment still top priority for IT leaders in 2012

CIOnet published a research among 375 CIO’s recently with the top 10 trends and concerns regarding business and IT. Number 1 and 2 concerns where shared positions for both Business Agility/Speed to Market and Business-IT Alignment. Research has proven the correlation between athe ROI on IT and business alignment. One would expect a certain amount … Continue reading